Alex Chernov AC QC

The Hon Alex Chernov AC QC received the honour of an Honorary Doctorate of Laws at The University of Melbourne.

While working as a barrister, Alex Chernov played a significant role in the leadership of the legal profession and legal education in Australia and the region. During his career he has been an independent lecturer in equity for the Council of Legal Education, Honorary Consultant to the Australian Law Reform Commission, Chairman of the Australian Law Council and Vice President of Law Asia.

In 1997, Mr Chernov was appointed a Judge of the Trial Division of the Supreme Court of Victoria and, in 1998, he was appointed to its Court of Appeal.

In 2004, the Hon Alex Chernov was elected a Deputy Chancellor of the University of Melbourne and in 2009, was elected as its Chancellor. He contributed to securing the successful establishment of the Australia India Institute, of which he is past Chair. He is also the Chair of the Grattan Institute. He also lent support to the work of the University’s Nossal Institute for Global Health in delivering better public health services to the disadvantaged and the distressed. The Hon Alex Chernov was sworn in as the 28th Governor of Victoria on 8th April 2011.