We offer commercial arbitration and mediation for both international and Australian disputes by highly experienced former senior judges of the Supreme Court of Victoria. We also offer alternative dispute resolution services more generally, including expert determination and expert appraisal, to assist parties resolve their disputes. Our members are also available for public or private inquiries.


Mediation of commercial disputes provides a non-adversarial consensual process for the resolution of commercial disputes by providing a neutral forum for the parties to seek to achieve agreement. The process is critically assisted by a mediator significantly experienced in commercial dispute resolution who is able to maintain constructive communication between the parties and to assist them by “reality testing” their positions in a helpful manner. This may occur in private or group sessions in the mediation, as appropriate.


Arbitration of commercial disputes provides a means of achieving cost effective and expeditious commercial dispute resolution of matters within Australia and internationally. Apart from avoiding the possibility of protracted litigation in the courts, arbitration enables the use of very flexible procedures tailored to meet the needs of the parties and the particular dispute. Expert and experienced commercial arbitrators are critical in achieving these objectives. Importantly, international disputes are particularly suited to arbitration as arbitral awards are enforceable in all but a few countries in the world. Court judgments, in contrast, are not enforceable internationally to anything like the same extent.

Other Services

Other services provided include Expert Determination with respect to various areas of law. It goes without saying that these services must be provided by those highly experienced in the particular area of concern.